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Cornelius farms is owned and operated by Alex and Cathy Cornelius. Their growing family includes daughters, Heather (Jon) Simmons, Megan (Skyler) Oliver, and grandchildren Blaire, Jake, Noah, Silas & Addie Mae. Cornelius Farms started in 1989 with 17 acres of planted blueberries. Alex and Cathy also have a blueberry processing plant where they pack their own blueberries as well as about 15 other blueberry farmers’ berries. To date, Alex and Cathy have a little over 200 acres of blueberry plants. They continue to replace and add new acreage annually. Cornelius farms also has a commercial nursery with many different and new varieties of blueberry plants available to sell.

Cornelius farms is certified with food safety certificates such as Primus and USDA.

Our Vision

Our vision at Cornelius Farms is to be a key provider of the worlds finest blueberries and never compromise our integrity in so doing.Safety and Quality of our product is of paramount importance and is a daily operational priority. It is our mission to ensure that we provide a safe and quality product for our customers.





Cornelius Farms, Nursery Operations, and Packing Facility span over 265+ acres.  We employ 300+ people during the season and around 25 in the off season.



We have in house bee keepers and our own bees for pollination and have a honey house to sling the honey so that it can be sold at a later time.

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